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Facsimile (Latin: “to make alike”)

A facsimile is a copy or reproduction of a book, map, document, print, photograph or other item of historical value that replicates the original as closely as possible. A facsimile reproduces all the physical characteristics of the original, such as dimensions, color, texture, state of preservation, etc.

A facsimile can sometimes serve scholars who do not have access to the item that they are researching. Facsimiles can also serve as substitute exhibits in museums, archives and libraries, allowing the originals to be stored in optimal conditions.

Model Books

Building model books is an excellent way of understanding and becoming familiar with different types of bookbinding techniques and structures. As a book conservator, I received most of my training in Europe and Canada, and as such specialized in the western tradition. Over the years, with a view to providing optimal treatment for the collections under my care, I have participated in many courses that exposed me to other bookbinding traditions. I learned about the history of books in general and books of the Middle East (i.e., Islamic lands) in particular.


Below are two examples of model books that I created in two internships held at the Conservation department of the Austrian National Library in Vienna, under the supervision of conservator and Master of Ottoman art, Cahit Karadana.

Model book of Classical Turkish Bookbinding

Model of classical Turkish binding with a stamped decoration on the cover later painted with liquid gold that we made.

Have to change the sequence of pictures here, leaving the Indo -Persian for the end of the list.

Model of Turkish Binding with marble paper, leather decorated with liquid gold.


Copy of Indo-Persian Quran

Copy of Indo-Persian Quran CBL 1550 from the Chester Beatty Library collection, dating to 1600, which I created under the supervision of conservators Kristine Rose Beers and Julia Poirier within the framework of the Montefiascone Conservation Project 2018, Italy.

ספר דוגמה של כריכה טורקית

ספר דוגמה של כריכה טורקית עם נייר שיש שעשיתי בהנחיית המשמר והמסטר לאומנות הספר הטורקי, Cahit Karadana, בהשתלמות מטעם הספרייה הלאומית של ישראל, במעבדה לשימור ושיקום ספרים בספרייה הלאומית של אוסטריה, בווינה. 



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